Forgotten songs of Amber


I saw it dangling from an old tree
shining like a string of amber in the morning light
On closer look I knew what i was
Nostalgia of my childhood soon hit me

How it used to smoothly roll across a small sponge bridge
Tightly wound between two wheels
As it sailed freely the music flowed
like soft waves on a moonlit shore

A little twist of fate
and the song would get stuck
A magic wand from the pencil box
would come out to do the work

Firmly it would hold the toothed wheel
like a prefect key fits in a lock
A small turn towards the left
would be enough to straighten the cluttered mess

This string of amber used to hold plenty songs
some long forgotten, some that would stay for lifelong
Sleepless nights went by in compiling love sonnets
Recording and rewinding to find the perfect balance

Those were the days of making mixed tapes
listing songs on paper and gifting audiotapes

Today it lies alone,
shattered, unwanted
Few remember that as it played,
some broken hearts mended

Now it lies dangling carelessly from a tree’s crest
left by the crow who once used it, to decorate its nest.

                                                                            -Saunak Pal